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Permanent Makeup is not just our bread & butter, its our jam. To us great results with Permanent Makeup means working with a clients features to enhance in a unique way. Using the best tools & colours to maintain a natural and blended definition offering our clients not only a beautiful result now, but good fading into the future. Natural & low maintenance is the name of our game, and we specialise in providing solutions to achieve just that.

Feather Touch Brows

Also known as Microblading, Brow Embroidery or Hairstroke Brows is a super fine semi permanent hair stroke applied to the skin with a manual tool. We are famous for our Feather Touch Brows here at Lash Noir Ink. Find out more

Nano Hair Stroke Brows

Also known as Micro Stroking, Micropigmentation and Nano Lines. Nano Hair Stroke is an advanced take on the Feather Touch Concept, using Nano Needles & state of the art Digital machinery from Holland, we can implant Hair Strokes & Stippling to the top layer of the skin creating nearly no trauma. These techniques are available as part of the cost of Feather Touch when booking with Master and Advanced Artists. 

Nano Lash Line

Also known as Lash Enhancing Tattoo & Water Liner. Nano Lash Line is a super tight line created with a Nano Needle & Digital machine technique. Resulting in a fuller more defined lash line. Find out more

Nano Lip Contour

Also known as Lip Blend. Nano Lip Contour is not your average Lip Tattoo, we focus on creating nude & naturally flushed looking lips rather than artificial colours. We use more & less colour in certain areas to ensure the shape of your lip is enhanced. Find out more