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About Feather Touch Brows

Below you'll find all you need to know about Feather Touch & Nano Hairstroke Brows, but if we have missed something, please don't hesitate to email us we are here to help


Does Feather Touch Hurt?

The most frequently asked question is does Feather Touch Hurt! The answer is no. We pre numb the area for around 1 hour with a triple action numbing cream to ensure the treatment is pain free. During the treatment if required we can top your pain relief up with a fast acting gel. While the sensation is slightly uncomfortable, the treatment is over and done with quickly. Clients say that the part they dislike the most is the noise, Feather Touch sounds slightly “clicky” or “scrapey”.

Does Feather Touch Bleed?

Sometimes, Depending on the clients skin type, the thickness of their blood and other factors you might get a little bit of bleeding. Generally its less than if you had a little cat scratch and we control it using a vasoconstriction gel when needed.

Is a scalpel or blade used for Feather Touch?

No, we use a tiny little row of needles to create a scratch on the surface of the skin.

Do you use disposable tools & equipment?

In all cases we use fully disposable tools, at the end of each treatment everything used during your session with the exception of tweezers and pencils is disposed of into a biohazards bin.

Do your inks contain oxides?

Recently there has been a lot in the press about Iron Oxides and MRI scans, 2 of our 30+ colour choices do contain iron oxide in such a low amount that it would be safe to have an MRI within 2 weeks of having the treatment done. IF you would like to ensure you have an oxide free ink, we have another range of colours to choose from should we need to select a shade similar to the 2 pigments mentioned above please just let us know and we are happy to accomodate your request.

What different colours can I choose from?

We have over 30 different colours, all that are custom mixable to give you every brow colour under the sun. We don't however allow clients to choose their own colour by looking at the bottles, as skin science plays the biggest part in this. Using the undertones of your skin, your skin type & your hair colour we will choose colours that are suited to you and will give you the best and longest lasting result. Don't worry if your colour feels too dark or too light to begin with, it takes 30 days for the final colour to show & its all part of our plan for perfection.

Whats the difference between Feather Touch Brows & Microblading or Brow Embroidery?

Short answer is they are the same thing! Different people from around the world have promoted using different names, but in short they are a variation of the same treatment using a manual blade to implant crisp hair strokes. One thing that is different is Micropigmentation/Microstroking/Nano Feather Touch Brows, this method uses a machine & a single needle and results in a different effect.

I think I just want a natural look will one treatment be okay?

The short answer is no, in the first session we play it very safe with the pigments to ensure we are making the right choices for the undertone & your skin type to ensure a long lasting result with good fading. You can expect to loose anywhere up to 80% of the colour during the healing process and the colour to change several times. The final tone is evident at around 36 days after your treatment. When you come back to see us its likely your first treatment will look faded in areas and might be patchy, in the second session we shoot for your final result filling in gaps, darkening and lightening the colour down to suit what you would like. Less Feather Touch treatments does not mean a more natural result. More Feather Touch treatments means a more blended, 3d result therefore looks the most natural. Another rule we go by is sticking as close to what the client had originally to ensure an undetectable result. You can always add more throughout the process so if you are unsure of what you want don't worry, we will help you decide.

Whats the difference between Feather Touch Brow Reconstruction and Feather Touch Brows? How do I know which one I am?

Feather Touch Brow treatment is suitable for clients who have reasonably good brows to begin with and don't want to make major changes to where the brows sit, or their shape. Brow Reconstruction is for any client who has uneven, thin, over plucked or non existent brows to begin with, Reconstruction is performed over 3 sessions by a very experienced Brow Artist to ensure that the result blends well with the natural hair. Its important to choose the right treatment for yourself, and if you are still unsure send us an email of Makeup Free brows and we can advise whats best.

Why do I need multiple treatments to get a good result?

Its important to get a clear fresh result that hair strokes aren't placed too close together, when they are put too close together you risk your colour healing into a block. We fill gaps effectively by layering hair strokes over a series of sessions to ensure your brows heal textured. If you have thick hair, and are wanting to go outside of the lines or fill large gaps, this technique is especially important so its not obvious where the tattoo is sitting vs where the hair is sitting.

What will happen on the day?

We will have you fill out a 6 page consultation form in order to gain a clear understanding of your skin, health & what is is you may and may not want. Once complete, we will assess this form and discuss any contra indications with you before numbing your brows with a triple action numbing cream, this stays on for up to an hour, and then we take you through to the treatment room to go through the design process. Using a skinny pencil, we follow a process designed by our leading brow artists & master trainers to ensure a proportionate balanced template, that is customised to each clients natural features & existing brow. Once we finalise this template, we then start with a few small hair strokes to give us guidelines of where to go. Each hair stroke is placed perfectly to ensure it flows and blends with the natural hair growth giving a seamless result. After we finish what we call our “leading lines” we will show you where they will sit on your face, the colour & make sure your numbing cream is topped up with a fast acting gel. From here things come together quickly, It'll be over before you know it and you'll be walking out with new and improved brows!

I want ombre brows, just like when I use product, can you do this with Feather Touch?

The short answer is yes, we can create an ombre effect with spacing hair strokes further apart through the inner of the brows, we don't however like shading to create that effect due to the nature of its fading. If you over work an area, you will find once faded say after one year, it is very hard to make it look good again without going much darker in your colour refresh. We recommend clients use Curtis Collection Brow Creme on top of Textured Feather Touch in order to get this effect.

I want my brows very bold & glam but all of your pictures look very natural?

We specialise in seamless brows that suit a clients face with and without makeup. Depending on skin colour, skin type and hair colour & type we aren't always willing to go too far beyond what is natural. Pigments when overused can look bad on certain skin types, your therapist will be able to explain why you might or might not be able to have an “Uber Glam Brow”. The great news is Feather Touch serves as a beautiful base and makes product application look better and much easier to apply!

How do I look after my Feather Touch Brows once I have had them done?

We send you away with a care Kit for your new brows, the instructions can vary slightly if you have had any contraindications during the treatment, but generally speaking we like you to keep them free from Sun, Sweat, Steam and avoid swimming for the 5 days following your treatment. Apply healing cream around 5 x a day for those 5 days, and ensure active skincare stays well away from the brows for the duration of their lifetime.

Will I look ok to go back to work afterwards?

Yes, although its likely we would have cut into your makeup when we are cleaning the area so you may want to bring some concealer or foundation to touch up. Most clients go slightly red afterwards, but this doesn't last much longer than about 20 minutes.

I have had my brows Feather Touched and they seem to have faded really badly?

Normal! At around the 5 day mark you can expect your brows to fade a lot, for some people they are relieved and others are disappointed. This is part of the process for us to perfect the colour as everyones skin science is so different. That said, we are pretty good at predicting what a clients skin will do, so often the tone is perfect it just needs more layers to look complete.

I have had my brows Feather Touched and they seem to be really dark?

Normal! Overnight your brows will darken, they will be their darkest at around day 3. Fortunately and unfortunately for some they will lighten at around day 5-6 and will continue to lighten for another week to 10 days, but we rely on your feedback to ensure we complete your second and third treatments to perfection.

My friend had hers done and they look different to mine?

Normal, we approach each client differently to achieve their desired result, but also to work with their skin, hair & health. If your friends brows look different to yours thats to be expected, should you wish to make changes at your next appointment please let your therapist know and she can discuss your options. No set of Feather Touch Brows heals the same, skin type, colour and medications being the main factors however we will let you know during consultation if we don't think that you will get your desired result.

I have had my brows Feather Touched and I think they might be uneven or need a few more strokes?

Normal! Once you’ve had your brows done you'll be looking at yourself a lot, you might notice imperfections you didn't realise existed before. The brows are a very expressive part of the face, and can sit differently when laughing, smiling, crying or even just talking. Throughout the sessions you can expect increased balance but they will never be perfect - Sisters not twins! If your brows are over plucked, uneven or undergoing a full reconstruction you can expect them to be uneven especially after the first session due to the spacing techniques we use for the best blending long term.

Do I need to book my follow up sessions in advance? How far apart should I space them?

Yes! Its very important to book your follow up sessions in advance to avoid long wait times or disappointment. We work always on a fully booked diary, so have little room to move with squeezing in new bookings. We suggest you book all appointments in advance, and space them 4-6 weeks apart depending on what dates and times we have that suit you.

I don’t want to wait that long for an appointment? Where else do you recommend we can get them done?

Our wait times are long for a reason, we are fabulous at what we do. A facial Tattoo should be taken very seriously and we pump out beautiful results day in and day out. We suggest you visit our sister salon for a Brow Magic or two while you wait for your appointment, its amazing what they can do even with a simple shape or some Brow rehab with Revitabrow. Its worth the wait, we promise!

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin type, age & medications you can generally expect to get a year out of your Feather Touch Brows before they need a colour refresh. Colour refreshing is a one off treatment you'll need done yearly. Your therapist will give you a good expectation of upkeep at the time of your first appointment.

Does Feather Touch Eliminate the need for tinting & shaping?

No, Feather Touch is completed on the skin and does not effect hair growth. Brows will still need to be shaped and in some cases tinted ongoing for the best results. You'll find your tattoo gets a little lost in the hair if you don't maintain them.

I have had them done a year ago and decided I don't want to have them done again what will happen to what I have got?

Eventually it will fade out to natural skin, in the meantime it will be very easy to draw your brows on as you'll still have a base to work with!

Is it true that you cant have it done while pregnant or breastfeeding?

True, its unsafe for Pregnant women to have this treatment done. Its also our company policy due to the lack of scientific research, that we will not complete the treatment on a breastfeeding mother unless she can “pump and dump for 48 hours following”.

What other things can make you unsuitable for the procedure?

Many medications may deem you unsuitable for the treatment due to their effects on the skin. Some medications will result in us refusing treatment, and others you will need to be aware of the risks associated. Common medications we need to know about in advance of your appointment: Acutane, Doxycycline, Blood Thinners, Cholesterol, Prescription pain meds, Thyroid, Heart, Diabetes, and any Antibiotics or oral steroids and any medication that may thin the skin and cause photosensitivity. Keloid scarring, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema, and acne are a few skin disorders you may wish to discuss with your therapist first. If you have medications, your best to email us the list so we can advise in advance what to expect - its horrible having to be turned away on the day after waiting so long for an appointment?

How do I choose the right therapist, who is the best therapist?

Each Therapist has their own style, specialises in different things & is fully qualified. In short all therapists can complete a range of looks, but for complicated cases you might need help to choose the best therapist for you. You may like to ask friends who they have seen, or jump onto our Facebook albums to see each therapists work. We don't put all of what we do up online, so if you still cant decide call us and let us know what you are after and our receptionist will let you know who would be best for the job.

I don’t know how I want my brows to look, how do I decide?

Thats our job! You can bring pictures, or just ask your therapist. We are experts in choosing the perfect look for your face. We will also explain in detail if there is any reason why what you want might not be quite right for you.

I've had it done somewhere else and I hate my brows, can you guys help me?

Yes! Although not always straightforward, we can help Recondition Old Tattoo. We require you to send us some pictures, in order to give you some good options as its not always an easy task. If you have an old tattoo, you shouldn't book for basic feather touch as your stylist may not have the training needed to attack the worst cases!

Should I grow my brows out before the procedure?

No, a manicured brow is best for us to get a clean line. We can’t wax at the time of the appointment due to the topical numbing cream we use, and can only tweeze minimally before we increase your chances of overstimulation of the skin. So, we recommend you visit our sisters next door at Lash Noir for a Brow Magic & tint if needed anytime from 1-2 weeks before your treatment with us. We do ask that you don't go somewhere that doesn't specialise in brows or someone you haven't had do your brows before so close to your treatment, due to the fact if you have a brow disaster it will limit what we can do with Feather Touch Greatly.

I get pimples, eczema or dermatitis in my brows, can I still have this done?

We cannot tattoo over any existing skin conditions in the brows, nor does it make for a good healing environment for the best result. Steroid, Acne and other treatment creams often effect the skin thickness therefore also may prevent you from having the tattoo done. Please consult your therapist in advance of the treatment.

I have sensitive skin, do I need to have a patch test?

No, everything we use is sterile and hypoallergenic. We have amongst thousands of sets of brows experienced less than 2 reactions to our products, in both cases it was a reaction in relation to aftercare.

Can I have botox or fillers or other cosmetic treatments done before or after the treatment?

We like to work with either a blank canvas, or a settled result. Please plan botox 2 weeks either side of your treatment with us, and fillers in the area 4 weeks either side of your treatment with us. In regards to other cosmetic procedures like peels ect, we ask that you ensure they are nowhere near your brows a month before your first treatment with us, and do not come into contact with your brows for the duration of their life. Most therapists can easily avoid that area with actives to preserve your brows.

Whats better about Lash Noir Ink than other salons?

Everything, Kidding (not really). We pride ourselves in having a beautiful salon for you to relax in while you numb, the absolute Best Feather Touch therapists in New Zealand who are qualified in a range of areas to ensure you get a seamless result. We also pride ourselves in the Quality of our Brow Reconstruction treatment, and believe it is second to none. We are the best in the biz, and know our stuff when it comes to skin.

Cancellation/Late Policy:

We hate stealing your deposits, so please ensure if you wish to cancel your appointment that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. We can always fill your appointment and we are always as flexible as possible when it comes to rescheduling. Lateness happens - If you think you might be running late please call us, we will let you know how much flexibility we have in your appointment. Often we can accomodate around 15 minutes by giving you a little less numbing time, however we can never make any promises as we will not rush such a detailed treatment and as a courtesy to the next client, we will never run behind schedule. There is a non-refundable $10 fee (per appointment) if you are to cancel any appointments.

Right to refuse treatment:

At Lash Noir Ink we pride ourselves in shooting for the best result! In a very few instances, we reserve the right to refuse treatment if we believe it is unsafe for you to have the treatment done, is not going to give you a good result, or we think you aren't booked in with the right therapist for the job. We will in all instances refuse all treatment to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, clients on Acutane or Antibiotics, or anyone who is diagnosed with body dysmorphia or OCD illness. We are also legally obligated to refuse treatment to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Salon Etiquette:

As a courtesy to our other clients, and to maintain a relaxing environment, we ask that you do not bring friends or family, including children or babies to your treatment. We run very fully booked, so our seating areas often can comfortably accommodate clients only. E-cigarettes are not permitted inside the salon. Cityworks Depot is home to a massive range of Cafes & Restaurants, should you wish to get lunch or spend time with friends and family you can do so while you numb.