FAQ Lashes

About Nano Lash Line


Does it hurt?

No, its very vibrational on the eye area, so although it can be a bit weird its not painful.

How long does it last?

Nano Lash Line needs to be colour refreshed once a year.

I like smokey eyeliner, can you do that?

Unfortunately Nano Lash Line is designed to be a crisp thin line right on the lash border, so cant be made to look like a smokey liner.

Can I get the bottom done too?

Due to the nature of the needles we use, we think that Nano Lash Line is too harsh for the lower lash line.

Can I get a winged eyeliner?

No sorry! Although we can contour the Nano Lash Line to appear slightly liquid liner looking on the outer, we believe winged liner is not a good no-makeup look.

Can I have them done in colours, like blue green or purple?

With Nano Lash Line we are shooting for an uber natural “pop” look, the only colours we offer are espresso brown & true black. This makes for good fading into the future and limits discolouring.

Are all of your tools disposable?

We use the latest and greatest Nouveau Contour Intelligent to complete our Nano Lash Line, this is a intuitive digital machine that is kind to the skin and uses fully disposable super fine needles.

Can I have botox or fillers before or after the treatment?

If you're going to have fillers done in that area, have this done around 4 weeks before your treatment with us. For botox, please do not have it done any closer than 2 weeks before or after your treatment with us.

I have had an eye infection/sty recently, can I get this done?

Please ensure you have had the eye infection treated properly, and have been given the all clear by your doctor. Legally we can’t complete the treatment if your therapist thinks there is an irritation in the area.

My eyes are very sensitive can I still have this done?

For someone with very sensitive eyes, this treatment is still safe however you could expect an increase of discomfort due to bright lighting, and rubbing the area a lot throughout.