FAQ Lips

About Nano Lip Contour


Does it Hurt?

Not at all, the lips are the easiest area on the face to numb so it makes for a pain free treatment!

How long does it last?

Lips unfortunately vary greatly between clients, depending on your skin type, skin colour and health, you can generally expect your lips will need to be touched up once a year.

Will it make my lips bigger?

No, while Nano Lip Contour can give your lips a fuller appearance they will not do the job of fillers.

Will they swell?

Some clients notice a lot of swelling and others none at all! If you do get swelling, it generally doesn't last much longer than a day.

Will they look stupid when they are first done?

Sometimes they can be quite bold when first completed, but don't worry they will soften A LOT in the coming days.

What colours do you have?

We have a huge range of beautiful colours from Nouveau Contour, we can create nearly any colour under the sun, however we choose not to stock very bright or dark colours as that is not the look you can get from Nano Lip Contour.

Will I still need to wear lipstick?

Nano Lip Contour gives you the look of a “flushed, fuller” lip, if you are wanting bold defined colour you will still want to apply lipstick although our edge will make it very easy to apply.

Can you tattoo my lips slightly outside of the line like I do with lipliner?

No, unfortunately due to the changes in skin type and how it grabs the colour we don't tattoo outside of the natural lip border - you'll thank us! Your lips will look, lush and natural!

Are all of your tools disposable?

We use the latest and greatest Nouveau Contour Intelligent to complete our Nano Lip contour, this is a intuitive digital machine that is kind to the skin and uses fully disposable needles.

Can I have botox or fillers before or after the treatment?

If you're going to have fillers done, have this done around 4-6 weeks before your treatment with us. This will give the filler time to soften and settle, and will give us the canvas we need for the very best result.

I have had a coldsore recently what should I do?

If you have a coldsore you cannot have the treatment done, it is essential that if you have suffered from cold sores in the past that you take a Lysine supplement for 30 days or more leading up to both treatments to ensure that you don't have an outbreak after your treatment - this will destroy the smoothness of the colour and will require extra treatments to complete.