Combination/Ombre Mist Brows

Soft machine powder technique that remains natural but more of a misty result. Can add strokes to front for the most natural result. Suitable for most skin types.

First Session $505
Second Session $295
Third Session
Refresh $295
Switching From Feather Touch $505

Naked Brows (Rebecca)

New clients only, no existing tattoo - Ultra Natural result. 

First Session  $605
Second Session $395
Third Session $150
Refresh (Previous Naked Brow) $395

 Feather Touch

Hairstrokes completed with a super fine blade method for a sharp crisp result. Not well suited to very oily skin

First Session $365
Second Session $275
Third Session (Not always needed) $245
Refresh Our Work (If within two years) $345

Nano Hairstroke Brows

If you have work done at another salon please send us pictures via our online booking form in order for us to assess if this pricing is accurate. Not suitable for clients who have previous brow Tattoo. 

1st Session $605
2nd Session $295
3rd Session

Pigment lift

Discounted if you are redoing your brows or lips with us, enquire for pricing. Complimentary if lightening our own work.

 1st Session $180

Nano Lip Blush

 Enhancement & Soft Colour

First Session $550
Second Session $295
Third Session $150

Nano Lip Illumination

 Shape Enhancement, Lightening & colouring of dark lips

First Session $550
Second Session $295
Third Session $150

Nano Aquarelle Lip

 Lightest most natural result, light even colour of natural lip shape

First Session $450
Second Session $245
Third Session $150

Nano Lip Refresh 

Our Work - Required Every Two Years $395
Other Salons Work POA

Nano Lash Line

Per session, 2 sessions required $245
3rd Session (If required) $150

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