Dip. Cinemagraphic Makeup Artistry (Australia),Anastasia Beverly Hills Trained (USA) Cert. Art  of Brow (Australia), Cert. Microblading (Australia), Cert. MR Natural Lines (USA), Phi Brows  (NZ) Yumi Lashes Master (France), Borderless Brows Victoria Wynn (NZ)

Treatments offered: Feather Touch Brows, Naked Brows

Rebecca is our Original Brow Artist, starting off with a foundation in Makeup Artistry, Rebecca  found a love for brows when opening Lash Noir in 2009. Lash Noir quickly became just as  dedicated to brows, as to Lashes and in 2016 Lash Noir Ink was launched. Rebecca's passion  is Brow Reconstruction using the Feather Touch Method, her preferred style leans more  towards the Hyper-Realistic Natural & Fluffy looking Brow although she really is a jack of all  trades offering all of the treatments Lash Noir Ink provides upon request. Rebecca only takes  on a very small amount of new clients per year for treatments now and has turned her focus to  the business side of things. You’ll mostly see Rebecca spending her time managing our  Creative Team, curating our online presence as well as planning and strategizing for all 3  companies Lash Noir, Lash Noir Ink and our distribution company Brows Brows Brows.  Rebecca is New Zealand’s lead Yumi Master and runs all of the goings on for the brand here in  New Zealand.

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Cert All About Brows (Feather Touch by Cherie, NZ) Cert Lift (USA) Dipl in Makeup Artistry, Borderless Brows Victoria Wynn (NZ)

Treatments offered: Ombre Mist Brows, Combination Mist Brows, Naked Brows, Lift Pigment  Removal, Nano Lip Blush, Nano Lip Aquarelle, Nano Lip Illumination, Nano Lash Line. 

Since joining us Ellen has quickly progressed and now works alongside our training team  educating & mentoring our new comers. She has been a practising makeup artist for many  years with a natural eye for Brow Design. Now armed with cutting edge tools and techniques  Ellen is our all rounder and can tackle even the most difficult colour matches & blends. Ellen  is able to offer her clients a widely adjustable style to their preferences making her one of our  most popular artists. 

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Phibrows (NZ) Advanced Lips Victoria Wynn (NZ) Borderless Brows Victoria Wynn

Treatments offered:  Nano Lip Blush, Feather Touch Brows, Ombre Mist Brows 

Jess is new to our team joining us in the beginning of 2022. She brings with her a number of years experience working with Brows. She is our go-to Feather Touch specialist, but also can be found providing Nano Lip services. Jess has a natural eye for Brow design and truly impresses clients with her light touch & seamless Feather Touch.

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Borderless Brows Victoria Wynn (NZ) Advanced Lips Victoria Wynn (NZ)

Treatments offered: Ombre Mist Brows, Nano Lash Line, Nano Lip Aquarelle, Nano Lip Blush, Nano Lip Illumination

Claudia has come to us as a Pro team makeup Artist. We have extensively trained her in house as well as she has completed a number of offsite master classes perfecting her craft. Claudia produces seriously beautiful defined lips, and errs towards the more natural side of her lip application. Her Ombre Mist style leans towards more sculpted and is well suited to clients looking for a defined Brow. 

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Advanced Lips Victoria Wynn (NZ)

Treatments offered: Ombre Mist Brows, Nano Lip Aquarelle, Nano Lip Blush, Nano Lip Illumination. 

Another talented makeup artist who we have brought over to the PMU sphere Tanya is our colour Queen. Her colour matching for lips provides a stand out result. Tanya can adapt her Brow style to clients desires whether it be borderless and soft, or sculpted and defined. Clients love Tanya for her kind demeanour & creative flare.

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Salon Manager

Dip. Beauty Therapy (NZ), 10 years experience in the New Zealand Beauty Industry Treatments offered: Supreme customer service and organisation

After many years of experience managing salons in the industry we are lucky to have Angela join our team as salon manager. Angela co-ordinates our diaries and makes sure all the behind the scenes stuff is covered to ensure each client has nothing but a perfect experience at Lash Noir Ink. She also is in charge of our systems and processes to ensure a clean and safe environment for our clients and staff. Angela is the ultimate right hand man to our Director Rebecca & also co-ordinates much of the goings on for the Yumi Lashes brand here in New Zealand.

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Treatments offered: The friendly voice on the other end of the telephone & the friendly face at our front desk

After a short break from the Beauty Industry we were lucky enough to be able to lure Kerry back to beauty to become our receptionist at Lash Noir Ink. Kerry is nothing but a pleasure for our team and clients. Managing our front of house, client online consults and checking you all in and out while barely breaking a sweat. She puts 110% into everything she does and we love her for it.

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